Sponsor an Orphan

If you have ever been touched by the suffering of children in poor countries; if you are kind- hearted and believe that every child is entitled to a happy life and good future; then this is your opportunity to make a difference to the life of at least one of them.

  • Horn of Africa People’s Aid Northern Ireland (HAPANI) has launched ‘Sponsor an Orphan’ programme to facilitate your sponsorship of an orphan in the Horn of Africa.
  • For £30.00 a month you can sponsor a poor orphan: your money will feed that child for a month.
  • When you sponsor a child, HAPANI, will find a fee-free school or find the fees for your sponsored child’s education. That means you have also helped in her/his education, without paying for it.
  • Once you become a ‘sponsor’ HAPANI will send you details of your sponsored child and contacts. You will receive remittance receipts of your money, and all evidence needed that your money has reached your sponsored child (100% of it).
  • You will have the picture of your sponsored child from the inception of your sponsorship, and you will be able to monitor the progress the child makes and the difference you have made in their lives.
  • You need to make a commitment and pledge that your sponsorship will last for at least one year. HAPANI is a Charitable Company based in the UK (Northern Ireland Charity number: NIC101637). If you need more information or clarification, then please contact us.

Sponsor a child today!

Every penny you donate goes towards supporting a child from the Horn of Africa.

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