Providing the support needed to HoA refugees


To foster a culture of responsiveness to the needs of HoA individuals within public services, especially health and housing.

Activities: HAPANI will continue to work with equality and good relations officers of public bodies, particularly those responsible for health and social services and housing, to address the challenges of intercultural communication they may face with HoA individuals. Particular attention will be given to the sensitivities involving women from the HoA in medical contexts. HAPANI will continue to advocate for safe and good-quality housing.

To facilitate the accommodation of HoA children in schools in Northern Ireland.

Activities: HAPANI will continue its focus on education through a range of projects including working with parents and sustaining its homework club for individual pupils otherwise at risk of falling behind at school. HAPANI will continue to articulate the need for government educational policies that acknowledge and seek to address difficulties faced by newcomer children in securing access to a full education.

To assist with the development of a health and educational infrastructure in the region in Africa.

Activities: Fundraising will be geared to addressing the consequences of state failure in the region: the (re-)construction of health centres and the provision of ambulances and veterinary services, and the development of technical and vocational institutes. HAPANI will approach individual persons, local, national and international aid organisations with interest in supporting developing countries to provide health and educational resources to channel to local partners. It will facilitate the collection of resources for shipment and recruit HoA refugees in Northern Ireland who would like to go back as volunteers. It will also seek out institutions that will sponsor the training and retraining of educational and health professionals to help in the development of the HoA.