Raising the awareness of the needs of HoA refugees


To ensure hate crimes against HoA individuals are rigorously pursued.

Activities: HAPANI will continue to work with the Police Service of Northern Ireland to assist the reporting and prosecution of individual hate crimes, with a view to bringing the perpetrators to justice. It will also work with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive to ensure victims of intimidation in social housing are fully protected.

To challenge intolerance more broadly towards HoA individuals.

Activities: HAPANI will support campaigns to raise public awareness about the challenge of intolerance and the unacceptability of racism in all its forms.

To foster informal relationships between HoA individuals and members of the ‘host’ community.

Activities: HoA individuals with basic English at least will be encouraged to take part in the Belfast Friendship Club and other such initiatives.

To use sport as a vehicle for integration among young people.

Activities: HAPANI will continue its valued relationship with Suffolk Swifts football club to provide mutually beneficial opportunities for HoA boys to achieve through sport while fostering social relationships. It will endeavour to establish a similarly secure entrée into the local sporting world for girls, building on prior efforts with basketball.